1. How do I fly, use speedhack, walk into walls etc.?

    Simple, use World of Minecraft

    Download it here (for windows): http://www.mediafire.com/?6ax0ax3v14pc0p1

    (For MAC): http://www.mediafire.com/?xfabghztd1vcwhk

  2. What are the server rules?

    1. No Griefing

    2. No Begging For Ranks

    3. No Advertising

    4. No Blockspam

    5. No Chatspam

    6. No Inappropriate Builds

    7. No Profanity

    8. No Excessive Caps

    9. No Tunneling

    10. No Use of Foreign Languages in the Public Chat


    Be nice and have fun!

    Use common sense!

  3. What are the requirements for builder ranks?

    Laborer - 1000 blocks and .5 hours

    Builder - 2000 blocks and 1 hour

    Adv Builder - 3000 blocks and 1.5 hours

    Constructor - 5000 blocks and 2.5 hours

    Drafter - 7000 blocks and 3.5 hours

    Engineer - 10000 blocks and 5 hours (Along with a profile on this website)

    Architect - 15000 blocks and 7.5 hours

    Veteran - 50000 blocks and 25 hours

  4. How do I become a staff?

    You become appicable for ServerAid at Architect. When we think you are responsible and mature enough to be considered a staff, you will be given a trial as ServerAid. As ServerAid you can then submit an application for staff

    refer to this thread: http://visicraft.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/7785460-staff-application-format-and-questions

  5. As a staff how do I deal with certain situations and what are the rules I must follow?


    Dealing with rule breakers:

    - All guests should be spectated upon arrival and should be monitored until they are generally trusted or their intentions are clear to the spectator.

    - Block Spammers (If online) Should be frozen and warned, after doing so, undo the players actions, or undoarea where the blockspam is located

    - In a case where a user griefs, the punishment should vary on the degree of grief done by the user. If the user is a higher rank and has built things before and has shown loyalty by advancing through the ranking system, they should be dealt with by undoplayer and a temporary demotion. In a case where it was the player's intention to grief, griefers will be punished with a ban. If the player has a minor grief, also treat it as nice as possible (Such as temporary demotion, and/or warning)

    - Any chat spamming should be warned first to stop, if they continue mute for 2 minutes, every re occurance the mute time should double.

    - Each offense should be countered with a warning and a demotion depending on the amount of times or degree of the rule broken.

    Rules Specifically for Staff:

    - DO NOT in any way abuse your powers. Players who abuse their powers in a way that is seen negative by other players or is deemed as an abuse by myself, will result in a staff member's demotion if the abuse is severe or frequent enough.

    - Do not abuse /say, it is solely used for announcements.

    - No wrongful demotions

    - For the most part, use common sense, and don't do anything that could ruin someone else's experience on this server.

    Undoing actions of rule breakers:

    - Any griefing or block spam use /b to look up the offender.

    If a player only griefs and/or block spams the command /undoplayer should be used, if a particular build is griefed then use the command /undoarea.

    - Make sure to only /undoplayer or /undoarea for the amount of time the /binfo tells you it happened

    - If the player only has griefed and is punished with a ban, use /banx, which will undo all of their actions on all worlds and also banning them.

    - Side note, make sure you /ok after each /undo.

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  1. Whenever I try to join, I get a "Cannot verify player name" message, help!

    1. If minecraft.net is offline or slow, wait for it to stabilize.

    2. If minecraft.net is working but you still cant verify name, log out then

    log back in.

    4. If you are using WoM client's "Resume" function, which

    uses cached verification information, use the proper log-in procedure

    in WoM. The "Resume" function only works as long as your IP does not

    change and as long as the server does not restart.

    5. If you are using WoM and connecting with a bookmark, make sure that the

    bookmarked address starts with "http://www.minecraft.net/..." and not

    "mc://...". Addresses in the form "mc://" are temporary, and will stop

    working whenever the server is restarted.

  2. Minecraft keeps freezing/crashing (Game broke messages, Client disconnected, Red Screen of Death etc.)

    If you've updated your Java to version 7, then this is whats causing your trouble if you don't know if you have Java 7 or not follow these steps to find out:

    1. Go to your Control Panel.

    2. Go to "Uninstall a program" or "Programs and Features"

    3. Scroll down to Java, if it says Java 7 then this is whats causing your issues. (continue to step 4)

    4. Uninstall Java 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit if you have them.

    5. Download Java 6 here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre-6u31-download-1501637.html and install.

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