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Forum Transfer

Posted by WaterGod469 on July 7, 2012 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

We have a new, more reliable website we're going to mainly run off of, we're still going to use this one, but the other one will be a seperate website for the forums, and where you must register to become Engineer. The link is


Posted by 1029z on June 14, 2012 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

We've updated to 800Craft Verson 0.204

Here is a list of a changes and fixes:

1. Added /Center

2. /Winfo now tells you how many visits a world has had

3. Added a Promotion count field to the playerDB, displayable in /Info

4. Added a Diagonal brush

5. Added Global Chat (#800Craft

6. /Impersonate now updates the players skin in real time, so the command is now unhidden and complete

7. /Slap now uses items. I will add more items soon.

8. /List staff | displayedname are now ordered by Rank

9. Console now sees the original message that a player sent, so it can moderate chat properly.

10. Doors can now use up to 30 blocks (was 15)



The ServerGUI becoming unresponsive if 2 instances of 800Craft were to be opened simultaneously.

Removed if (TimeToEndBatch) check in math draw commands. It was too cautious, often breaking eq and param draw, since they often try to update the same block multiple times

Added some missing irc announcements (banx, high5, slap, bromode)

Fixed a bug with the linewrapper (Thanks fragmer)

Fixed an issue with the Physics Core sometimes not being restarted (Thanks LaoTszy)

Minor particle enhancement in Physics

Improved explosion performance with TNT (Thanks LaoTszy)

Fixed a rare bug in /Banx

Fixed a PlayerDB serialization bug that caused numbers over 100,000,000 to sometimes be improperly formatted. (Thanks fragmer)

Fixed IRC and the swear filter sometimes not showing correctly

Added a permission for /Tree, updated config version